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Trinity Presbytery



  1. Rev. Dr. James Cantey was elected Moderator and Rev. Nora Gonzalez was elected Vice-Moderator.
  2. A letter received from Rev. Paul Pick was read and Presbytery voted to extend the time limit on the offer to buy the Faith church and property until March 23, 2014.
  3. Rev. Sharon Bower’s insurance is to be continued for six months.
  4. A letter from Rev. Bob Weston was referred to the Taskforce on Ordained Clergy.
  5. A letter from Rev. Ray Santillano was referred to the Taskforce on Ordained Clergy.
  6. The Presbytery Offering is to be divided between the Stott-Wallace Missionary Fund and Samantha Herman, a Marshall CPC youth who is planning a missionary trip to Hong Kong this summer. The offering was $600.
  7. Rev. Rusty Rustenhaven was added to the membership of the Redevelopment Commission to Oak Grove.
  8. The Special Committee to Nueva Vida was dissolved, having completed its work.
  9. The following Camping information was approved:

Presbytery Jr/Jr High/Sr High Camp:

Director: Brian Martin

Coordinator: Marvin Terrell

Date: July 20-25, 2014

Location: Camp Gilmont

Cost (Junior/Junior High/Senior High): $260

Theme: “Happy, Happy, Happy”

10. Trinity Presbytery Day Camp will be integrated into the full camping program with options for either (1) the full duration of the camp or (2) daytime only, Monday through Thursday. These youngest campers will participate as a dedicated group within the Junior schedule. Each church that sends day campers for the full duration of camp must also send an adult staff member to serve as their counselor.     

next Winter Youth Retreat is scheduled for Saturday through Monday, January 17-19, 2015. The Retreat will cost $25 per participant and will be held at the Webb Property near Buffalo, Texas.

12. James Webb was elected to be a Trustee of Trinity Presbytery.  

13. The Trustees were given permission to sign the “Boundary Line Agreement and Conveyance” involving the Ewing Chapel Cemetery

14. The monies received from the mineral rights on the Ewing Chapel Cemetery, less taxes, will be sent to the Marshall Church for the maintenance of the cemetery.

15.A maximum of $1,000 will be given to the Marshall Church to aid in the construction of a boundary fence for the Ewing Chapel Cemetery.

16. The Stated Clerk is instructed to open a Presbytery Account that will allow for donations of stocks to the presbytery.

17. The NCD-Tyler will be named the Kardia Fellowship.

18. A Kardia Support Group is established to give advice and support to the Rev. Davenport and the Kardia Fellowship and that the following members are named: Le Ila Dixon, Paula Hayes, Tony Martin, Rusty Rustenhaven, Steve Turner and Pat Terrell

19. The Kardia Fellowship budget was expanded to include:

Description Amount Annual Extension

*Pastor’s Salary $3,333.00 per month $40,000.00

*Continuing Education $1,500.00 per annum $ 1,500.00

*Retirement Account $1,000.00 per annum $ 1,000.00

Lease Agreement $1,450.00 per month $17,400.00

Utilities $ 500.00 per month $ 3,000.00

Liability Insurance $ 100.00 per month $ 1,200.00

Website Development $ 1,000.00 $ 1,000.00

Additional Funding (as needed) $10,000.00

* - Items approved at the fall meeting of Presbytery

20. Rev. Dr. Sam Wayman was given permission to labor out-of-bounds specifically in the Mission Presbytery of the PCUSA.

21. The Reverend Robert (Toby) Davis was received into Trinity Presbytery.

22. The Reverend Ron Stevenson was received as a temporary member of Trinity Presbytery.

23. The Rev. Dr. Ronald E. Stevenson was called as Stated Supply of the First Cumberland Presbyterian Church of Austin, Texas and the following terms of call were approved:

Annual Salary $18,000.00 / year

Travel Expense 25.00 / month

Vacation of four weeks

And, that he labor 24 hours per week.   

24. The Rev. Freddie Diaz-Villa’s call to be Associate Bilingual Pastor for the First Cumberland Presbyterian Church of Houston, Texas was approved. He is to have an annual salary of $38,000 and two weeks of vacation each year.

25. Reverend Robert Davis will be installed as pastor of Jefferson CPC on March 15, 2014 at 7:00 PM. The commission to install will be Rev. Duane Dougherty, Rev. Mary Kathryn Kirkpatrick, Elder John Dougherty and Elder Randy Kennedy.

26. Reverend Lee Attema will be installed as pastor of Freeport Presbyterian on April 13, 2014 at 6:00 PM. The commission to install will be Rev. Fredy Diaz, Rev. Daryl Johnson, Rev. Dr. Sam Wayman, Elder Cathy Bettoney and Elder Carol Cline.

27. Reverend Fredy Diaz-Villa will be installed as Associate Bi-lingual pastor of Houston First on March 23, 2014 at 5:00 PM. The commission to install will be Rev. Duane Dougherty, Rev. Gloria Villa Diaz, Elder Cathy Bettoney and Elder Carol Cline.

28.Licentiate Walter Hoke was examined on the floor of Presbytery and his examination was sustained. He will be ordained on March 9, 2014 at 6:00 PM at Bertram CPC during an adjourned meeting of presbytery.

29. The resignation of Jovanni Castillo from ministerial candidacy was accepted.

30.James Webb was elected as Alternate Elder Delegate to General Assembly.

31. Presbytery is called to meet in adjourned session at Bertram CPC on March 9. 2014 at 6:00 PM