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Trinity Presbytery

Spring 2013 Rulings of Trinity Presbytery 



1. Rev. Fredy Diaz was elected Moderator and Rev. James Cantey was elected Vice-Moderator for 2013. 

2. The Presbytery offering is to be paid against the taxes owing by Nueva Vida. ($1025) 

3. The following were elected as Youth Advisory Delegates and alternates to the 2013

General Assembly: Diago Arias, Nueva Vida; Samantha Herman, Marshall; Annabelle

Daniel, Houston (alternate); Davis Webb, Houston (alternate); Paola Bueno, Nueva Vida


4. Elder Dr. Eric Thomas was approved to be trained to administer the Sacrament of the

Lord’s Supper, as requested by Jefferson CPC, and Rev. Mary Katherine Kirkpatrick

was approved to provide the training. 

5. Elder John Lawson was approved to be trained to administer the Sacrament of the

Lord’s Supper, as requested by Daingerfield CPC and Rev. James Cantey was

approved to provide the training.

6. It was approved that the session of the Stone Oak Cumberland Presbyterian Church be

allowed to refinance its present mortgage using the property as collateral, pending

correction of its Articles of Incorporation using the template of the General Assembly of

the Cumberland Presbyterian Church and pending review of the loan documents by the

presbytery Board of Finance. 

7. Because Rev. Mary Jarnagin did not follow the ruling of Spring, 2012 that required a

report of activities and written excuses for missing presbytery meetings for non-retired

ministers that do not pastor a church, her presbytery-paid health insurance will be


8. The sale of the Daingerfield CPC manse was approved. 

9. A commission to Oak Grove CPC composed of Reverends Harold Bone, Geoff Knight,

Sam Wayman, Rusty Rustenhaven, and Elders Mayree Drennan of Elmira Chapel and

Bill Spurr of Marshall is to investigate fully the difficulties and circumstances that the

congregation is presently experiencing, and provide a report to Trinity Presbytery as to

what course of action it took concerning the viability and ongoing life and ministry of Oak

Grove CPC. 

10. The following moderators were approved: Austin First, Daryl Johnson; Oak Grove, Daryl

Johnson; Jefferson, Duane Dougherty; Mount Hope, Duane Dougherty; Pine Hill, Steve

Turner; Progress, Mary Kathryn Kirkpatrick; Daingerfield, James Cantey. 

11. Trinity Presbytery received the Freeport Presbyterian Church’s congregation into the

Cumberland Presbyterian family, without provision, with this action reported to the

Stated Clerk of the General Assembly. 

12. A Commission of Trinity Presbytery to Freeport CPC consisting of the Board of Missions

of Trinity Presbytery with Rev. Steve Turner as Chair convene with said congregation at

its place of meeting, during a special worship service on a date to be determined in

consultation with the congregation, for the purpose of officially receiving and welcoming

the new congregation into the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, with prayer and the proclamation of the Word, an affirmation of intent by the congregation, and an affirmation

of the presbytery’s commitment to mentor the congregation. 

13. The Commission to Freeport of Trinity Presbytery will coordinate efforts with the

Freeport congregation to provide mentoring opportunities and facilitate assimilation of

the new church and its leaders into the life of the Presbytery and the denomination, and

to co-opt others to assist in this process as needed. This process includes the election

and ordination of elders and any necessary training. 

14. The present pastoral leader at Freeport, Rev. Lee Attema, is to be examined by the

appropriate boards of Trinity Presbytery so as to determine his ministerial qualifications

and what possible course of appropriate action(s) is/are required by our CP Constitution. 

15. A stated-supply pastoral relationship between Austin 1st CPC and the Dr. Ronald

Stevenson, with its call and contract, was approved by Trinity Presbytery and Dr.

Stevenson is to moderate the session. 

16. The monies held for Nueva Vida and the current subsidy of $750.00 per month will be

kept in a Trinity account until taxes owed by Nueva Vida are paid and/or rendered not

owed by Nueva Vida 

17. The portion of the Scholarship line item under the Committee on Probationers that was

not disbursed in 2012 will be kept in the general operating account for general use. 

18. Walter Hoke was received as a candidate for the ministry and his name was entered on

the Roll of Trinity Presbytery. 

19. A motion was made and approved that $12,000 be taken from the St. Paul

Growth/Income fund to match the funds from the Mission Ministries to pay the MUD fees

for Nueva Vida.

20. A motion was made and approved that $22,787.46 be taken from the St Paul

Growth/Income fund to pay the Cypress-Fairbanks ISD Tax Assessor and that a letter be

written to Mission Synod by the Moderator with an accompanying letter from Rev.

Albarracin to appeal for help in paying these taxes. 

21. The following recommendation was approved by Trinity Presbytery: Taking into

consideration the various factors of Faith CPC; limited active members, age and health

issues, and limited and unsustainable financial resources, the Commission regrettably

recommends that Trinity Presbytery dissolve Faith CPC’s congregation in accordance

with 5.6n of the Constitution of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. Its membership

shall be transferred to the Progress Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Pleasant Hill,

Louisiana. A worship service of recognition and appreciation will be conducted by Trinity

Presbytery so as to dissolve the congregation in the spirit of God’s love, grace and

dignity. The Commission recommends that Trinity Presbytery should approach the

leaders of the UCC with the first option of purchasing the property at a favorable price

decided upon by the Board of Trustees of Trinity Presbytery. 

22. The Fall meeting of Trinity Presbytery will be held at Round Rock CPC, Round Rock,

Texas on September 27-28, 2013