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Trinity Presbytery


FALL 2014

  1. Citing health problems, Rev. Nora Gonzalez wrote to resign all positions held in Trinity Presbytery for a time of at least six months. As requested, Rev. Nora Gonzalez’ resignation from the position of Vice-Moderator and from the Taskforce on Theological and Social Concerns was approved.
  2. Rev. Geoff Knight was elected Vice Moderator.
  3. Nora Gonzalez’ letter was referred to the Taskforce on Ordained Clergy.
  4. Rev. Dr. Wayman was elected to represent Trinity in working with Mission Presbytery in the search for a new minister for Shepherd of the Hills following the resignation of Rev. Larry Coulter. Rev. Dr. Rush was elected as alternate representative.
  5. The Presbytery Offering of $654.00 is to be sent to the Children’s Home.
  6. That the following details of Trinity Presbytery Jr/Jr High/Sr High Camp were approved:

Director: Brian Martin

Coordinator: Marvin Terrell

Date: July 19-24, 2015

Location: Camp Gilmont

Cost (Junior/Junior High/Senior High): $260 for registrations received on or before May 15th, 2015. $275 for registrations received after May 15th, 2015.

Theme to be determined

Registration forms will be available at the Winter Retreat.

Marvin Terrell will mail registration forms to all churches and past participants in February. 

Registration forms will also be posted on the Trinity Presbytery Facebook page.

  1. That the following details of Trinity Presbytery Winter Retreat were approved:

Date: January 17-19.

Location: Webb Property, Buffalo, Texas

Director: Fredy Diaz

Ages: Current 6th graders through High School Seniors

Cost: $25

  1. Benjamin Villa Diaz and Kiara Acevedo were elected as Youth Advisory Delegates to General Assembly in Cali, Colombia, June 20-25, 2015. Davis Webb was elected as alternate.
  2. Trinity Presbytery will create an account called the Trinity Investment Fund by incorporating it with the St. Paul Growth/Income Fund. Any proceeds from the presbytery selling church properties will be deposited into this fund following the reimbursement of presbytery funds used in the selling of such properties and the replenishment to a three-month level of both the health insurance reserve and the general reserve. The Trinity Investment Fund may only be used to generate interest, capital gains, and dividends for the Trinity Church Development Fund. The Board of Finance will manage the Trinity Investment Fund.
  3. Trinity Presbytery will create an account called Trinity Church Development Fund by renaming the St. Paul Interest Growth/Income Fund. This fund will receive the interest, capital gains, and dividends earned from the Trinity Investment Fund. The Trinity Church Development Fund may be used in one of three ways.

First, the fund may be used for new church development within Trinity Presbytery. The Trinity Presbytery Board of Finance will recommend financial assistance to new church developments based on requests from the Trinity Presbytery Board of Missions.

Second, churches with Trinity Presbytery may apply for grants for church development. Grants may only be issued in a matching format (dollar for dollar). Churches within Trinity Presbytery who are current with their apportionments may apply for grants through the Trinity Presbytery Board of Finance. Applications will be due by January 1 of each year and will be evaluated by the Board of Finance at its annual January meeting.

Third, the Board of Finance may allow the treasurer to utilize this fund to meet Presbytery obligations in the event of a shortfall in the Presbytery budget. The treasurer may request needed funds from this account from the Board of Finance.                                                                                          

  1. A motion to approve a 50% cut in the cost of the dependents of denominational insurance for the year 2015 that is paid by Trinity Presbytery and that the other 50% be paid by the minister or their employing church to Trinity Presbytery by the first day of the month. That any church or minister that falls behind in paying the dependent payment by a time of 45 days such coverage will be terminated. The motion was approved.
  2. Commissions are to send a copy of their minutes to the Committee on Judicial concerns.
  3. Dr. Leslie Attema was received as a Licentiate and placed on the Roll of Presbytery.
  4. The pastoral relationship between the Reverend Joshua Murray and Antioch Cumberland Presbyerian Church was dissolved. The Reverend Don Nunn was appointed Moderator of Antioch Cumberland Presbyterian Church.
  5. The Reverends Michael Insley and Charles Smith were removed from the Roll of Ordained Clergy.     

6. The insurance of the Reverend Sharon Bowers will be discontinued as of December 31, 2014.

7.The Reverend Karen Brasher, dismissed from Grace Presbytery and recommended to Trinity Presbytery, was not received at this time.

8. Rev. John V. Lindsay was received into Trinity Presbytery and placed on its Roll of Ministers.

9. Mark Mitchum’s ordination was suspended until such time as he can meet with the Task Force on Ordained Clergy to resolve various issues.

10. The Rev. Mark McNeese was given permission to labor outside the bounds of presbytery in a congregation of the PCUSA and as a chaplain with the Boy Scouts of America.

11. Rev. Jeff Gehle was hired for an additional year and his title was changed from Director of Evangelism and Outreach to Organizational Strategist    

Commissioners to General Assembly:

Minister Principals

1. Mary Kathryn Kirkpatrick

2. Toby Davis

Minister Alternates

1. Freddy Diaz

2. Gloria Diaz

Elder Principals

1. Marvin Terrell, Elmira Chapel

2. Charelle Webb, Houston First

Elder Alternates

1. Jane Ogden

2. Cheryl Crofton, Longview First

Board of Christian Education

Davis Webb be elected to a three-year term

Karen Locke be elected to a three year term

Marvin Terrell be elected to a three year term

Board of Finance & Trustees

Ethel Benedict be re-elected to a three year term

Brian Martin be re-elected to a three year term

Suzanne Dougherty be re-elected to a three year term

Board of Missions

Pat Terrell be re-elected to a three year term

Steve Turner be re-elected to a three year term

Tony Martin be elected to a three year term

Toby Davis to replace Bob Weston for a one year term

Mary Kathryn Kirkpatrick to replace Kathy Wilkerson for a one year term

Committee on Judicial Concerns

Cathy Bettoney be elected to a three year term

Jack Holt be re-elected to a three year term

Taskforce on Theological and Social Concerns

Lee Attema be elected to a three year term

Walter Hoke be elected to a two-year term vacated by Nora Gonzalez

Committee on Probationers

Geoff Knight be re-elected to a three year term

Bill Thomas be elected to a three year term

John Lindsey be elected to a three year term

Donna Jo Thompson replace Mary Kathryn Kirkpatrick for a one year term


GENERAL ASSEMBLY – June 20-25, 2015 in Cali, Colombia


January 9, 2015 in Huntsville

August 21, 2015 in Huntsville


January 10, 2015 in Huntsville

August 22, 2015 in Huntsville


February 20-21, 2015 at Bertram Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Bertram, TX

September 25-26, 2015 at Marshall Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Marshall, TX