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Trinity Presbytery

Reports 1 & 2 of the Commission to Oak Grove CPC


Members of the Oak Grove CPC Commission who were Present:

The Reverend Harold Bone PhD, Chair; Reverend Geoff Knight; Reverend Doctor Sam Wayman; Elder Mayre Drennan

Members of the commission who were absent:

The Reverend Rusty Rustenhaven; Elder Bill Spurr

Purpose of the Commission: "to investigate fully the difficulties and circumstances that the congregation is presently experiencing, and provide a report to Trinity Presbytery as to what course of action it took concerning the viability and ongoing life and ministry of Oak Grove CPC".

Actions of the Commission:

The commission met with interested persons on June 14, 2013. The meeting was called to order by the Chair, Dr, Harold Bone. A quorum was declared and the meeting commenced with an opening prayer by Dr. Sam Wayman. Dr. Wayman agreed to be the Commission Clerk.

A. The discussion of gathered members-Persons present at the hearing were: Bonnie Graham, Betty Stork, Tammy Bell, Doris Balback, Darrell Lewis, Glenda Bell, Martie Eastas.

All interested parties were invited to share their understandings of the Oak Grove Church's present condition. They all spoke movingly of her past history and expressed great concern for her future. It seemed apparent that all of the persons present at the meeting viewed Oak Grove CP Church as:

  1. Extremely weak.
  2. Neglected by Trinity Presbytery
  3. Bankrupt

B. The Executive Session of The Trinity Presbytery Commission to Oak Grove Cumberland Presbyterian Church

After the hearing- the commission recessed to executive session. The commission decided to not close Oak Grove Cumberland Presbyterian Church. Furthermore, the Commission decided to begin investigation of possible remedies that could insure the continuation of the ministry of Oak Grove Cumberland Presbyterian Church. We reported our decision to the attendees.

Promises Made:

The members and interested persons of Oak Grove CPC promised to continue meeting on Sunday morning with bible study and prayer. They also promised to work with the commission in order to facilitate a meaningful future for Oak Grove Cumberland Presbyterian Church. Finally, they promised to attend worship services whenever a minister was made available to them.

As a result, the commission is researching viable leadership options for Oak Grove Cumberland Presbyterian Church. Closing Prayer was Given by the Reverend Geoff Knight.


At this present time, Oak Grove CP Church does not have an operating session.

The commission recommend to Trinity Presbytery:

Recommendation 1: That the session of Oak Grove CP church be dissolved and that a new commission of Trinity Presbytery be elected to oversee the church until Oak Grove has the ability to govern her own affairs.

Recommendation 2: This redevelopment project be given to the commission under the following charter:

The Oak Grove commission is charged with the responsibility of facilitating the growth, health and redevelopment of Oak Grove Cumberland Presbyterian Church. The commission will insure that Oak Grove Cumberland Presbyterian Church will have the following:

a. A functioning session of four or more elders.

b. Pulpit Supply

c. Adequate building and grounds maintenance

d. Adequate insurance and utilities.

e. Regular worship services on Sunday mornings

f. Small group leadership.

Recommendation 3: Acting as ad hoc moderator pro tempore- Dr. Harold Bone will drive to Oak Grove once a month to help build a functioning session for the purpose of reconnecting the Oak Grove CP Church to Trinity Presbytery. Ongoing reports regarding the progress of Oak Grove CPC will be written and submitted to Trinity Presbytery.

Recommendation 4: Probationer Walter Hoke from the Bertram Church be employed as a pulpit supply at Oak Grove each Sunday Morning at 9 AM. 

Recommendation 5: Rev. Daryl Johnson of the Bertram Church be allowed to take musicians and do a musical ministry with Holy Communion- one Wednesday per month at the Oak Grove Church.

Recommendation 6: Financial aid be given, by Trinity Presbytery, to ensure the success of this redevelopment project for 20,000 one year to be reevaluated on an annual basis.