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Trinity Presbytery

Communication from Members of Faith Congregation


Dear Trinity Presbytery,

This letter is written on behalf of the following Faith Cumberland Presbyterian Church's members, Nancy Williamson, Roy Sellers, and Steve Martin. We request that the Presbytery please reconsider the decision to close FCP.

After review of FCP's financial position it is our belief that our church should be able to sustain ourselves financially under our current situation. The current situation being defined as follows; maintenance of our current relationship with First Trinity UCC as well as with the other congregations using our church and by not pursuing a replacement for Reverend Smith, but to rely on First Trinity's minister. Under this scenario, our financial situation would be stabilized and allow us to be viable into the future while we pursue a potential new relationship with First Trinity.

Faith Cumberland and First Trinity have worshiped together since 1998. If the Presbytery would allow us the time, we would like the opportunity to discuss with First Trinity how we can best work together to advance our ministry jointly for our community using as a foundation our congregation's past work in "Touch the Future" , and First Trinity's work in their program , "Surviving to Thriving".

We sincerely appreciate your consideration of this request.

Yours in Christ,

Steve Martin, [email protected]

Roy Sellers [email protected]

Nancy Williamson [email protected]