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Trinity Presbytery

Communication from David Lancaster, Bethel University


Dear Cumberland Presbyterian Friends:

Since 1842, Bethel University has pursued one purpose above all else: to bring the best in learning to persons wishing to increase their understanding and awareness of the world in which we live, and to clothe the delivery of this education in a keen awareness of and appreciation for the Christian faith. Through wars, an unprecedented financial depression, and a constantly shifting, confusing cultural environment, God has sustained Bethel in remaining true to this calling. The chief instrument among many which the Lord has employed in bringing us to the position currently enjoyed has been the Cumberland Presbyterian Church.

On numerous occasions when disaster was imminent, our beloved church family has responded with prayers, financial support, and leadership resulting in rescue and restoration. As a consequence, we deeply desire to offer to our fellow members an opportunity to increase their knowledge in subjects dealing with Christian faith, from Bible study to church history, to current trends in worship—and many others.

This project was conceived just a few years ago by President Emeritus Bob Prosser and the Board of Trustees as one phase of a larger goal of enhancing the Department of Religion and Philosophy on campus and in other venues. They especially emphasized their deep desire to provide opportunities for members of congregations who were interested in gaining more knowledge about Christianity.

The accompanying flyer provides me with the privilege of announcing the launching of the Certificate in Christian Studies program offered by the Department of Christian Studies of Bethel University. Inquisitive, motivated individuals are cordially invited to engage with us in various religious subjects, and explore in-depth considerations of Christian faith and living. Instructors trained by our faculty will enable us to offer these studies in any location and at any time. Those persons who complete at least fifteen courses will be invited to participate in graduation ceremonies on our campus.

Please contact us if you have other questions or if you are ready now to learn how to embark on a learning experience of a lifetime, offered by your university with grateful appreciation for your support. Let us show you our gratitude for all the prayers and encouragement which have come our way for all these years!

Cordially, in Christ,

R. David Lancaster, Director