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Trinity Presbytery

Ministry Initiative Grant Application Form (Print only - no online form)

Purpose: To provide assistance to churches within Trinity Presbytery with programs that promote church growth.

Requirements & Specifications: Only churches within Trinity Presbytery may apply for grants. Grants may only be issued in a matching format (dollar for dollar). Only churches within Trinity Presbytery who are current with their apportionments may apply for grants through the Trinity Presbytery Board of Finance. Applications are due on January 1st of each calendar year and will be evaluated by the Trinity Presbytery Board of Finance at its annual January meeting. Churches receiving grants must provide a report biannually at the Board of Finance’s scheduled board meeting. In addition, churches must provide a summary report following the conclusion of the grant activity.

General Information:

Congregation Seeking Grant: _______________________________

Pastor: ________________________________________________

Session Clerk: __________________________________________

Amount Requested: _____________________________________

Funds will be used for:

Signature of Pastor_________________________________ Date ____________________

Signature of Clerk __________________________________ Date ____________________

Date Received by Board of Finance Chair: _______________________

Signature of Board of Finance Chair ____________________________

Please attach 1) proposed budget for the initiative; and 2) answers to the following questions:

  1. Provide a detailed overview of your plan for these funds and explain why it’s needed in your community. (20 points)
  2. To what degree will the involvement of current non-members in the community contribute to the success of the initiative? (10 points)
  3. Does your congregation have a vision/purpose statement? If so, what is it? (20 points)
  4. What does the desired outcome of this initiative look like? (25 points)
  5. Identify the goals to accomplish in order to achieve the desired outcome. (25 points)
  6. What percentage of the congregation is in support of this initiative? (10 points)
  7. What percentage of the session is in support of this initiative? (20 points)
  8. How has the pastor been involved to this point? What is the pastor’s role going forward in it? (20 points)
  9. How will progress on this initiative be evaluated? (15 points)
  10. Describe other goals your congregation has had recently and how they were accomplished. (25 points)
  11. To what degree does your congregation participate in the work of the Presbytery? (10 points)