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Trinity Presbytery

Meetings of Presbytery 

II. Meetings of Presbytery

The Trinity Presbytery shall meet annually. The annual meeting shall consist of two regular sessions. Each regular session’s worship service shall conclude with a celebration of the Lord’s Supper and the September worship service shall include a Memorial Roll Call. The retiring moderator shall preach at the February session.


A. February Session: The February session shall be held on the third Friday and Saturday in February beginning Friday at 1:00 p.m.

B. September Session: The September session shall be held on the last Friday and Saturday in September beginning Friday at 1:00 p.m.

C. Special Meetings: Trinity Presbytery may, when an emergency requires it, be called to meet in a special session. The call for any special session shall meet the requirements of Section 5.8 of The Constitution of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church.

D. Attendance: Ordained ministers who are members of Trinity Presbytery or who serve as stated supply for any congregation on the presbytery’s roll shall attend all meetings of the presbytery, or present to the stated clerk a valid reason for absence. The session of every congregation on the presbytery’s roll shall elect one or more of its members (number to be determined by reference to Section 5.4 of The Constitution of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church) to attend presbytery as its representative(s). Sessions whose representative(s) cannot attend presbytery as its representatives shall request, through the stated clerk-treasurer, an excuse for non-attendance.

Licentiates and candidates shall attend all meetings of the presbytery. When this is not possible, a request to be excused shall be directed to the presbytery through the stated clerk-treasurer, and the chairperson of the Committee on Probationers shall be informed of this request. Only the presbytery can act on reasons for non-attendance, or approve one’s leaving prior to the final adjournment.

E.Agenda and Program: The agenda and program for each meeting of presbytery is to be prepared by the Presbyterial Council. Each regular session of presbytery shall include six five-minute presentations concerning the life of the local congregations. Congregations shall be scheduled for presentation in alphabetical order. Each regular session of the presbytery shall also include one 30-minutes presentation from a board or standing committee of the presbytery. Boards and committees shall be scheduled for presentations according to the order of their listing in the presbyterial directory. At each February session there shall be a two-hour orientation for new members of presbytery. This orientation shall be planned and led by the Board of Missions.

F. Place of Meeting: The Presbyterial Council shall receive invitations from congregations willing to host presbytery and shall make a recommendation to presbytery. If there are no invitations, the Presbyterial Council will secure a place of meeting to recommend to presbytery.

G.Presbytery Year: The presbytery year shall begin January 1 and end                         December 31.                        

From the "Standing

Rules of Trinity Presbytery"