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Trinity Presbytery

Lee Attema (with wife Leslie), our new ambassadors to Belize

P.O. Box 138,

San Ignacio,

Cayo District,

Belize CA

Address updated, March 9, 2017

We are living out of boxes and planning to move from this rental in about a month. We will have a permanent location with the same address located in a place called Unitedville. The location is central to three larger communities (San Ignacio, Belmopan and Spanish Lookout). We are doing some counseling, have made initial contacts with students at Belize University and Galen and become active with Freedom House a Prison Fellowship International Half way house. We will need to see where those efforts take us. We have been worshiping at LifeNet in Belmopan. There are a number of families that do ministries with children and families that attend there so it is a good location to network and find support. Once we are established we would like to send out a letter letting people know what we are doing and requesting prayer for our ministry.