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Trinity Presbytery

Report of the Trinity Presbytery Insurance Committee

8 November 2014

Concord Cumberland Presbyterian Church

The meeting was called to order by Moderator James Cantey at 9:00 AM and the opening

prayer was offered by the Rev. Duane Dougherty.

The following were present: James Cantey (moderator), Le Ila Dixon (Board of Missions),

Duane Dougherty (Task Force on Ordained Clergy), Paula Hayes (Clerk/Treasurer), Brian

Martin (Board of Finance) and, by conference call, Geoff Knight (vice-moderator).

The Trinity Presbytery Insurance Committee makes the following recommendations to the body:

Recommendation 1: That in the Standing Rules of Trinity Presbytery, Section IV. J,

Presbytery Insurance Committee, be deleted.

Recommendation 1: That in the Standing Rules of Trinity Presbytery, under the

heading “Board of Finance,” section IV. D. 10, including the section Guidelines for

Health and Disability Insurance; and section IV. D. 11, be replaced by the following

revised guidelines submitted by the Insurance Committee.

1. The Insurance Committee of Trinity Presbytery shall be made up of the following people:

Moderator, Vice Moderator, Stated Clerk/Treasurer, Chairperson of the Board of Missions,

Chairperson of the Permanent Task Force on Ordained Clergy, and the Chairperson of the

Board of Finance and Trustees.

2. The Committee shall meet as necessary, either at the direction of Trinity Presbytery or the

call of the Moderator or Stated Clerk.

3. The Committee is responsible for administration of the Presbytery’s insurance program,

ensuring that all eligible ministers receive coverage, and deciding any issues not covered by

these guidelines.

4. The insurance program of Trinity Presbytery will be funded through a portion of the

presbytery apportionment paid by each church. Cost of the program will be included in the

presbytery’s budget.

5. Trinity Presbytery will maintain a Health Insurance Reserve Fund equivalent to the cost of

three (3) month’s expenses for coverage for emergency situations. This fund will be

administered by the Board of Finance of Trinity Presbytery. Notification of fund transfers to be

sent to the Insurance Committee.

6. All full time ministers who are members of Trinity Presbytery, and who work at least 30 hours

per week for a Cumberland Presbyterian Church that is apportioned, are to be enrolled in health

care coverage and long term disability insurance.

7. Insurance will be provided through the program of the Board of Finance of the Cumberland

Presbyterian Church or a minister may select equivalent coverage through a less expensive

provider. The Insurance Committee must receive a copy of the insurance policy with the cost

breakdown prior to allocation of funds by Trinity Presbytery. The allotted premiums for this

coverage will be paid by Trinity Presbytery to the respective congregations.