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Trinity Presbytery

Guatamala Missionaries in Houston

Meet: Fhanor (pronounced, Fine-Nor) and 

Maria Socorro Pejendino (Pronounced, Pay-Hen-Dean-Oh)! 

They are CP pastors from Colombia, South America who are endorsed Cumberland Presbyterian missionaries. In early 2014 they plan to move from South America and work in Guatemala as new missionaries. Fhanor and Socorro are successful

church planters in Colombia, having started several churches in the past 25 years. They are probably among the most successful church planters in the CP Church. They have felt called to leave family, culture and friends behind and move to the mission field. 

The General Assembly has designated Central America as our new mission field. We currently have one missionary in Guatemala. The Pejendinos will join our missionary and continue to expand the work of the CP Church in Guatemala. We are thrilled they applied to be CP missionaries and believe they have the talents and experience we need to establish strong CP churches in Guatemala.

Fhanor and Socorro are visiting CP churches to tell about their vision to plant churches in Guatemala. All CP missionaries depend solely on donations received from churches and individuals to do their work in the mission field. The Pejendinos are raising funds for: Set-up Expenses, (one-time expenses like: deputation in the USA, furniture, office equipment, plane tickets, used car, visas, etc…) and on-going Missionary Support, (salary and benefits). The Missions Ministry Team receives

the donations, tax exempt to the extent allowed by law, for support of missionaries and their programs. Every donation is acknowledged by letter from the Missions Ministry Team. 

 The Missions Ministry Team asks you to: 

 •Learn about the vision Fhanor and Socorro have for Guatemala

•Pray for the Pejendinos - deputation is stressful and the work demanding

•Consider ongoing support of the Pejendinos mission work in Guatemala by sending

monthly or quarterly donations to the Missions Ministry Team. Checks made payable to the Missions Ministry Team should be sent to 8207 Traditional Place, Cordova,

TN 38016. Be sure to designate “GUA, The Pejendinos” on the memo line of the


•In addition, we ask each church or group they are visiting to take a love offering to

help cover their set-up expenses, which includes the costs of deputation in the USA. 

The set-up expenses are estimated to be $29,700. 

The Pejendinos are a delightful missionary couple! Please encourage them and promote them to others in your church who have not had the opportunity to meet them. 



and Maria Socorro


Lynn Thomas 

Director of Global Ministries

Missions Ministry Team

8207 Traditional Place

Cordova, TN 38016

[email protected]