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Trinity Presbytery

Freeport Presbyterian joins the Cumberland Presbyterian Church

First Presbyterian Church

Freeport, Texas

1402 W. Broad St.

Freeport, Texas 77541

(979) 233-2852

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

First Presbyterian Church, Freeport announces that it has joined with the Cumberland Presbyterian denomination, Trinity Presbytery. The Rev. Steve Turner from the Board of Missions, The Rev. Freddy Diaz, Moderator of Trinity Presbytery, and Paula Hayes, Stated Clerk of Trinity Presbytery will attend morning worship on Sunday, August 25 at 11 a.m. to welcome First Presbyterian into the Cumberland community.  

The Cumberland Presbyterian Church is a Presbyterian body formed during the Great Revival of 1800.Cumberland Presbyterian congregations are located throughout the United States as well as in several other countries (Japan, Hong Kong, Colombia, etc.) but are primarily located in the American South, with strong concentrations in Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Missouri, southern Illinois, Arkansas, and Texas.

The Cumberland Presbyterian denomination has a socially progressive tradition. Cumberland Presbyterians were among the first denominations to admit women to their educational institutions and to accept them in leadership roles including the ordained clergy. The First Presbyterian Church, Freeport, is looking forward to serving the Lord through the Cumberland denomination.

The Reverend Lee Attema, M. Div., Pastor

John Seward, President of the Corporation