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Trinity Presbytery

Trinity Presbytery Rulings, Fall 2013

  1. A communication from Rev. Harold Bone was referred to the Committee on Probationers.
  2. A communication from Nueva Vida was referred to both the Board of Finance and the Board of Missions.
  3. The Presbytery offering of $501.25 is being sent to the Missions Ministry Team for the use of Fhanor and Socorro Pejendino in their missionary efforts.
  4. The Commission to Freeport was dissolved as its work was completed.
  5. It was approved that the session of Oak Grove be dissolved and that a new commission be elected to oversee Oak Grove CPC until the church members have the ability to govern their own affairs. The commission is to be named the Redevelopment Commission of Oak Grove.
  6. The elected members of the Redevelopment Commission to Oak Grove are Rev. Duane Dougherty, Elder Marvin Terrell, Rev. Sung-In Park and Rev. Mary Kathryn Kirkpatrick.
  7. The Reverend Lee Attema was received as an ordained minister.
  8. The questions asked a licentiate to be ordained were asked of Rev. Attema and all were answered in the affirmative. He was ordained into the Cumberland Presbyterian Church and was placed on the Roll of Ministers in Trinity Presbytery.
  9. The insurance for Rev. Sharon Bowers will continue and will be brought before the Presbytery at every regular meeting for review.
  10. The Youth Advisory Delegates to General Assembly, June 16-20, 2014, are Davis Webb and Luke House with Abby Hermann as alternate.
  11. The Youth Advisory Delegates to General Assembly, June 2015, in Cali, Colombia are Benjamin Diaz and Kiara Acevedo.
  12. The Stated Clerk of Trinity Presbytery is to distribute the Triennium funds to only those payors who registered their youth through Trinity Presbytery.
  13. Elder Libby Aden was approved for re-training to administer the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper. Rev. Mary Kathryn Kirkpatrick is to conduct the training.
  14. The Stated Clerk is to develop a form for reports that will be applicable to all Committees and Boards.
  15. A budget of $459,345 was adopted.
  16. The apportionments totaling $419,345 were adopted.
  17. A task force was appointed to investigate immediately the overall ministry and financial status of Nueva Vida CPC, so as to ensure that Trinity Presbytery’s financial obligation and investment in Nueva Vida CPC will be safeguarded from any additional or unnecessary liabilities and/or expenses that the presbytery must bear.
  18. The task force established in #17 is to be composed of Rev. Dr. James Cantey, Rev. Daryl Johnson, Rev. Dr. Robert Rush and Elder Ladd Daniel.
  19. The pastoral call and contract between the Rev. Toby Davis and the Jefferson CPC was approved and he was appointed Stated Supply of Jefferson CPC and Moderator of their session.
  20. Rev. Mark Davenport was received and placed on the Roll of Ministers of Trinity Presbytery.
  21. Trinity Presbytery authorized the BOM to immediately begin development of a New Church Development (NCD) in south Tyler, which shall be funded out of the account from the St. Paul’s CPC property sale that was specifically designated and set aside by Trinity Presbytery for the purpose of NCD.
  22. The Rev. Mark Davenport be approved as the founding pastor of this proposed Tyler congregation, providing Rev. Davenport the following salary and benefits: Salary @ $40,000.00 per year, health insurance coverage as provided by Trinity Presbytery to Rev. Davenport and his spouse and dependents, 5-weeks’ vacation time, up to 3 weeks for church camp/mission trip ministerial work, $1,500.00 per year for educational workshops and other ministerial opportunities, 2% salary increase each year, and a retirement contribution of $1,000.00 per year into an retirement account that Rev. Davenport establishes.
  23. That the NCD in Tyler to begin October 1, 2013.
  24. Trinity Presbytery will contract with the Rev. Jeff Gehle for coaching and consulting services to assist congregations and their pastors with training, analysis, and development. The time available to Trinity will be a minimum of 40 hours per month, which shall require and include travel for at least one on-site visit per month.
  25. Rev. Gehle’s mileage will be reimbursed at $0.51 per mile and his lodging will be reimbursed at the rate of a maximum of $85.00 per night.
  26. Rev. Gehle’s salary, based on the restrictions listed in #24, would be $16,875 per year.
  27. Nancy Camp was elected to serve on the Taskforce on Ordained Clergy.
  28. James Webb was elected to complete the two-year term on the Board of Finance & Trustees left vacant by Marcia Ross .
  29. Owen Smith was elected to complete the two-year term on the Board of Finance & Trustees left vacant by Perry Bone.
  30. Rev. Jeff Gehle is retained as coach and consultant to fill the position of Director of Evangelism & Outreach.
  31. That the last Sunday of September be set aside as a day of prayer for the churches of Trinity Presbytery. 
  32. Commissioners to General Assembly in June 2014: Minister Principals: Don Nunn and Sam Wayman Minister Alternates: J. P. Kessie and Fredy Diaz Elder Principals: Ladd Daniel and Randy Kennedy Elder Alternate: Silvio Unigarro

33. Commissioners to Mission Synod:

Minister Principal: Rusty Rustenhaven

Elder Principal: Tony Martin

34. Elected to Board of Christian Education: Chad Humphries, Duane Dougherty, David Dean

35. Elected to Board of Finance & Trustees: Sam Culpepper, Ruben Albarracin, Rose Mary Magrill

36. Elected to Board of Missions: Daryl Johnson, Sam Wayman, Nancy Abernathy

37. Elected to Committee on Judicial Concerns: Rusty Rustenhaven, Al Davis

38. Elected to Taskforce on Theological & Social Concerns: Sharon Bowers

39. Elected to Committee on Probationers for three-year terms were; Lolly Lockhart, Robert Rush, and Kevin Colvard. Elected for a two-year term was John Dougherty who will complete the term left vacant by Harold Bone.

40. Elected to Taskforce on Ordained Clergy: James Cantey

41. Walter Hoke was received as a licentiate.

42. We, as a presbytery, wish to go on record to thank the Reverend Dr. Robert Rush for his ministry as Moderator of General Assembly this past year. We also thank his wife, Olene, for her gracious support and ministry.

43. A commission consisting of Rev. Steve Turner, Rev. Rusty Rustenhaven, Elder Nancy Abernathy and Rev. Duane Dougherty is to meet with Mount Hope CPC concerning the following needs:


a. A functioning session with at least three members

b. Liability insurance

c. A maintenance plan for church and utility buildings

d. Cumberland training for the pastor

44. The Reverend Toby Davis is to be reimbursed for his medical insurance expenses until such time that he is received into presbytery. 

45. The subsidy to Stone Oak allowed for in the 2014 budget will be increased from $12,000 to $36,000 with the promise from the Church that December 2014 would be the conclusion of the financial assistance to Stone Oak. 

46. A resolution was adopted in which Trinity Presbytery pledges to give a tithe (10%) of the proceeds from the sale of the Pearland property to help the Missions Ministry Team of the denomination purchase property in Guatemala that will be used for new church development and to further the ministry of our denomination in that country.