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Trinity Presbytery

 August 2015

WELCOME to the August Missions Update

There is much happening within the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in regards to missions around the world. This August newslettter will highlight just a small portion of the new and ongoing ministries of the Missions Ministry Team. We encourage you to read, pray, and share this Good News with your church and others.

CP Women's Ministry

2015-2016 Resources

Looking for Bible studies? How about a prayer or worship resource? Looking for a way to celebrate 135 years of Women's Ministry in the CP Church? In search of a Membership Endowment presentation or an installation service? We have them all for you in one place. Check out the great 4-minute video for Set Them Free, as we highlight the last four years of our work against human trafficking. Click the Resource Link and find what you are searching for in one place.

Building A Promising Future

Check out the NEW three-year focus for Women's Ministry - a project focused on domestic violence with an emphasis in Guatemala - webpage or brochure.

Hot Lunch Program in Guatemala

2015 Loaves and Fishes Offering

Hot Lunch Program in Guatemala

This year’s Loaves & Fishes Offering (Thanksgiving offering) is to start a new ministry built around a Hot Lunch program for children. It will involve lunch for a group of children, in addition to medical, nutritional, physiological, educational and spiritual care. The hot lunch is the focal point of the ministry, but it also affords the opportunity to look at the total welfare of the child. Cumberland Presbyterian missionary Anay Ortega will coordinate the program with the help of the leadership of the church. They plan to invite needy children to come eat a hot meal each day at the church, provide professionals as needed to help them, and to share the love of Christ with them and their families. Our missionaries in Guatemala are from Colombia and have firsthand experience working with hot lunch programs. Look for resources in the next issue of the Missionary Messenger and on the website


PAS Graduates

Cross-Culture Ministries

TN, GA, AL Latino CP Ministers meeting at Casa de Oración in Decatur, AL

This is the third meeting in this year. The first meeting was held at Cristo Vive CPC near Nashville,TN. The second meeting was at Roca De Salvación CPC in Birmingham, AL. And the most recent was at Casa De Oración in Decatur, AL. A group of eight ministers and their families gathered to worship God, pray together, share challenges working among the Latino communities, and learn more about the local church´s ministries. Rev. Niel Aguiar from Grace Presbytery led a reflection about the importance of the Vision of God for our different ministries. The next meeting will be at El Redíl CPC in Lawrenceville, GA. Please keep all of the CP Latino Pastors in your prayers.

Sponsor a PAS Cross-Culture student

Presbyteries in the USA are responsible for the tuition of all PAS cross-culture students. However, some of the students may have to cover their own transportation, lodging and meals during their classes at Bethel University in McKenzie, TN. You can help with these expenses through a donation of $25, $50, $75, $100, or more! For more information contact Rev. Johan Daza from the Cross-Culture Immigrant Ministries USA Program at [email protected]

To donate online visit

Glenn and Soso Watts

Congratulations to Glenn Watts and So Yuen Ki

Glenn Watts, CP missionary to Hong Kong, was married to So Yuen Ki (Soso) on July 24th, 2015 in Japan. Soso is a CP from Hong Kong. Glenn and Soso traveled to Japan and were in the company of CP friends in Japan. Congratulations to Glenn and Soso.

Serve and Proclaim - Acts 8:5-6

This is the 2015-2016 theme for General Assembly and CP Women's Ministry introduced in Colombia this past summer. Jesus is calling us in the coming year to serve AND to proclaim. There are gifts for ministry today just like in the early church. There are those who are gifted for acts of service and those who are able to preach. Regardless of our giftedness, we serve when we are called to serve; and we speak when we are called to proclaim – just like Philip. Let us listen for God's call in our lives, and then let us be ready to respond.